• Does the Zero Point Field link Science and Religion thus proving God’s existence?

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    It is well known that Science and Religion fundamentals rest on opposite sides of the fence. Just as in a relationship between two people, opposites can attract. If two people are so different, why do they find a connection? Could there be a force linking them in which they are unaware? Maybe this force is the Zero Point Field?

    You are most likely asking yourself… “What the heck is the Zero Point Field (ZPF)?” If we were to dive head first into all of the data surrounding the ZPF you might was well start a new daily hobby! What I am going to do in typical Thoughts That Make You Think fashion is to outline fundamental concepts and get right to the point! Of course, it will be in plain english. I’m sure there will be other articles on our site related to this topic, but this will be our starting point…

    Before we begin to explain the ZPF we need to simply define Quantum Physics and Quantum Theory

    • Quantum Physics is a branch of science that deals with discrete, indivisible units of energy called quanta as described by the quantum theory. In physics, a quantum (plural: quanta) is the minimum unit of any physical entity involved in an interaction. In other words, there is a limit to how small something can be, and that limit is a quantum.
    • Quantum Theory is a way of explaining the nature of matter, and how it behaves on the atomic, and even the subatomic, level. In other words, quantum theory is essentially a description of this microscopic world. Quantum theory has made the modern world possible, giving us lasers and computers and iPod nanos, not to mention explaining how the sun shines and why the ground is solid.

    Ok… so we are taking about really small indivisible things and the world they live in. Got it? Now… let’s define the Zero Point Field which is created by these things. I’ve borrowed some words from the recent book, The Field by Lynne McTaggart…

    To understand the ZPF, consider an old-fashioned grandfather clock with its pendulum swinging back and forth. If you don’t wind the clock , friction will sooner or later bring the pendulum to a halt. Now imagine a pendulum that gets smaller and smaller, so small that it ultimately becomes atomic in size (Very Very Very Very small) and subject to a rule in quantum physics called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This law states (with certainty, as it happens) that no quantum object, such as a microscopic pendulum, can ever be brought completely to rest. Any microscopic object will always possess a residual random jiggle thanks to quantum fluctuations. At every possible frequency there will always be a tiny bit of electromagnetic jiggling going on. And if you add up all these ceaseless fluctuations, what you get is a background sea of light whose total energy is enormous: the zero-point field. The “zero-point” refers to the fact that even though this energy is huge, it is the lowest possible energy state. All other energy is over and above the zero-point state. Take any volume of space and take away everything else — in other words, create a vacuum — and what you are left with is the zero-point field. We can imagine a true vacuum, devoid of everything, but the real-world quantum vacuum is permeated by the zero-point field with its ceaseless electromagnetic waves.

    The fact that the zero-point field is the lowest energy state makes it unobservable. We see things by way of contrast. The eye works by letting light fall on the otherwise dark retina. But if the eye were filled with light, there would be no darkness to afford a contrast. The zero-point field is such a blinding light. Since it is everywhere, inside and outside of us, permeating every atom in our bodies, we are effectively blind to it. It blinds us to its presence. The world of light that we do see is all the rest of the light that is over and above the zero-point field.

    So how does the ZPF Link Science and Religion?

    In the middle of the 20th century Karl Lashley conducted experiments with rats training them to perform a variety of tasks such as run a maze. He proceeded to surgically remove various portions of their brains and retested them in a maze. He even cut out the section of the brain that is suppose to contain the memory for these functions. No matter what portion of the brain he cut out he could not eradicate their memories. Some of the rats did have motor skill issues and stumbled through the maze, but their memories remained intact 100% of the time! This can only indicate that these memories were either stored throughout the brain as a whole or were stored outside the brain and the brain is just a decoding device that was able to pull these memories from the ZPF. Maybe… Just maybe… all the information is all around us and some of our brains can decode more of the information than others? Many such experiements have occured since and have shown the same results with different species. Some went as far as rotating the brain completely in many different ways… even upside down! Memory was still retained and/or decoded!

    Another interesting study was done in a pitch black facility by Fritz – Albert Popp in the 1970’s. He wanted to measure biophoton (light) emissions in humans. If he were in a pitch black facility and was able to read light emissions the only place they could come from was the human body. Right? Guess what… he not only found light emissions from humans… he discovered that based on a humans health the light emissions given off were much different. Healthy humans gave off the least light, cancer patients gave off the most light, and Multiple Sclerosis(MS) patients were taking in too much light. In other words, the healthiest body would have the lowest light and be closest to a zero state, the most desirable state. This zero state would be the closest living things could get to nothingness. So where was this light going? If a person was taking in light where was it coming from? Does the ZPF contain all the energy/light and we just tap into it as needed? Can we control or change the amount we give and get?

    As a last example of the ZPF I would like to discuss the findings of collective consciousness and it’s affects that have been observed in research. Can you will something to happen? Can praying or concentrating on a single person or outcome, as a group, make it a reality? The answer to all these questions is… YES! … Huh? What? How? Yep… that’s right. To understand what was tested it needs to be noted that it must be a common cause, concept, or result that is tested without another group canceling your result. You can not will your favorite baseball team into winning as there are an equal number of others willing the other team to win. The best way to explain this concept is one’s health and the health of others. In studies of longevity, those people who live the longest are often not only those who believe in a higher spiritual being, but those who have the strongest sense of belonging to a community. If intention creates health – that is improved order – in another person it would suggest that illness is a disturbance in the quantum fluctuations of an individual. What I am saying is that your intentions toward others and their sense of belonging can be directly related to their well being. This is not voodoo, as some will call it, and of course there are not guaranteed results. It has been shown in experiment after experiment that a collective group, which concentrates it’s intention toward a sick person’s well being, can speed up recovery even if they do not directly know the person. In fact, there have been experiments done where people from all over the world focused their good/healing intent to a known sick person and the results were as expected… their overall health improved where as the control group were unchanged or became more sick.

    Let me leave you with these thoughts:

    Every individual, whether they know it or not, looks to history for wisdom and what is “truth”. I have listed these “truths” as they relate to our discussion and the new “truths” that are forming from the research and findings of the ZPF.

    Previous Truths:

    • The human being is a survival machine largely powered by chemicals and genetic coding.
    • The brain is a discrete organ and the home of consciousness, which is also largely driven by chemistry – the communication of cells and the coding of DNA.
    • Man is essentially isolated from his world, and his mind is isolated from his body
    • Time and space are finite, universal orders.
    • Nothing travels faster than the speed of light.

    New Truths:

    • The communication of the world did not occur in the visable realm of Newton, but in the subatomic world of Werner Heisenberg.
    • The brain perceived and made its own record of the world in pulsating waves.
    • A substructure underpins the universe that is essentially a recording medium of everything, providing a means for everything to communicate with everything else.
    • People are indivisible from their environment. Living consciousness is not an isolated entity. It increases order in the rest of the world. The consciousness of human beings has incredible powers, to heal ourselves, to heal the world – in a sense, to make it as we wish it to be!

    So how are Science and Religion linked? You may have already made the connection after reading the above text. Science is showing that there is an ordered higher level of consciousness that we can learn to understand and religion already believes the higher being exists through it’s faith. The connection is there… proof of a higher level of order / consciousness. This higher being may not be what any one religion defines as their God, but science may show what this order actually may be. You have heard of near death experiences where the patients claim they have seen a bright light. Could they, or their consciousness, be entering the ZPF and merging with it? Could they be ascending into Zero Point Energy thus becoming part of the field in which they came? Are we all one with God and with the universe? Is God the Zero Point Field?

    It has been shown through experimentation and studies with the ZPF that a higher collective consciousness is out there. There no longer need to be the truth of science and the truth of religion, but one truth… one vision of the world through proof of existence of the Zero Point Field!

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        Human consciousness is caelld kundalini consciousness to distinguish between it and universal consciousness. There are seven levels of Kundalini consciousness available to the human being. Collective or universal consciousness has many more dimensions. Both are basically the same as a drop of water is to the ocean and have the same source. Background radiations or Akasha of the universe absorbed in the body is transformed through the chakra system creating the lumen consciousness experienced.Too much explanation is needed to put forth here on this forum. Buy the book I had recommended by Christopher Hills. His book Nuclear Evolution is 1010 pages will cover all your questions; a true Master of consciousness and yogi.

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