• Earth Contamination And Global Warming; If We Were A Responsible Race Where Would We Be?

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    Current evidence shows that we are causing harm to the planet we all call home. Can this be true? Let’s say global warming in no way can be caused by anything we do as human’s. The fact remains that we are not being responsible for our self created messes!

    Don’t you think personal responsibility applies to everything we do?

    As humans, we all produce waste that has nothing to do with bodily functions. Look at every other living thing on this planet. What do they waste? Do they have it in their nature to waste? All this waste produced has to go somewhere.

    Who’s responsibility is it to make sure the waste is handled?

    In the United States we pay taxes and we pay for all or most of the items we consume or use. As consumers we can only do so much to recycle and sort waste. Why do manufactures create items that can not be recycled? How about profits and convenience for the producer and consumer? As part of the cost of production is it the manufacture’s responsibility to clean up the long term waste mess? How would they track down all their products after the consumers are done with them? Maybe it should be the waste companies responsibility? What about the government? Can they control these things?

    Everything that is manufactured or made can only be done with ingredients you find on this planet. So everything we make should have some way to be broken back down into it’s naturally occurring elements or ingredients. This can happen naturally or scientifically by reverse engineering. Maybe the question should be directed to the manufacture of these specific products that cause intolerable pollutants while being made? If for some reason it can’t be disassembled why make it? It’s much cheaper to pile it up and let it rot then to break it down. Let’s say we try an experimental plan to break down waste that will not naturally decompose. It would cost a nice chunk of cash initially, but after the process is perfected how much would it cost to sustain this process? It’s the same with keeping your home clean or staying healthy. Normal maintenance is much easier than cleaning up your mess once a month or curing a preventable disease. At what cost are we doing damage to the planet and ourselves?

    There are many factors that contribute to waste and actions we do that harm ourselves and others. Is it in our nature to want it all? Do we all want “stuff” and then “new stuff”? Lack of knowledge was certainly a factor decades and century’s ago. Do we now possess the knowledge to understand a viable solution? Can we prevent and possibly reverse past blunders?

    Is “Going Green” going to be a way of life or is it going to be another fad?

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    2 Responses to Earth Contamination And Global Warming; If We Were A Responsible Race Where Would We Be?

    1. November 6, 2010 at 3:23 pm

      Global warming started before people started to use fossil fuels, but the people responsible, because they significantly accelerate these changes, so animals did not have enough time to adapt.
      zoran�´s last blog post ..Climate Change- Prevent or adapt

      • November 8, 2010 at 7:45 pm

        So what your saying is that global warming was going on already and we accelerated the process? Did you know that the earth goes through cycles like ice ages naturally? If you agree with global warming isn’t it possible that we can artificially create global warming with our actions? Could we be creating a warming earth before the earth is ready to start it’s own cycle?

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