• How Can 99% Of Educated Scientists Be Wrong And Every Religious Generalist Be Right?

    by  • July 12, 2011 • Our Beliefs • 0 Comments

    Nearly half of Americans actually believe that the Earth is less than ten thousand years old and that humans were created by God rather than evolving from primitive primates. (See the August 3rd post: Where Do You Believe We Came From?) Or to put it another way, despite their own lack of formal scientific education, almost half of the general population has decided that in their eminently qualified judgment, every major scientific body in the world and more than 99% of individual scientists are completely wrong.

    Three questions come to mind:

    First, we must ask how someone can seriously believe in such a young Earth, when literally every scientific dating method known to mankind says otherwise.

    Second, we must ask how someone can seriously deny any hereditary connection between apes and men, when we are so similar in so many ways.

    Third, we must ask how almost half of the general public came to be so contemptuous of scientists that they think the scientists’ years of grueling study and even entire lifetimes of hard work and dedication can be equaled (or even surpassed) by simply browsing the Internet. No classes, no exams, no assignments, no lab work, just browsing the Internet!

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