• Single Best Argument For Evolution; The Animal Kingdom Appears To Be A Family Tree

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    Early naturalists classified animals into a hierarchical “family tree” structure long before the theory of evolution was proposed.
    In other words, all naturalists agreed long before Darwin that the animal kingdom appeared to be a family tree. Why? You can take any given feature and trace its appearance, in various levels of complexity, along lines of animal species. Species which appeared to be very close to one another on the family tree were also geographically close to one another.

    If someone or something had indeed designed and created these species, he went to enormous lengths to make them appear to be related, by carefully arranging their structures and geography to match! This, then, is the single largest argument for evolution: it is a solution to a problem that no other theory can explain.

    Creationists often try to argue that God could have chosen to make the animal kingdom look that way, but they can’t explain why or how. And if they can’t explain why or how, then they actually do not have an explanation.

    Can anyone explain how you would derive the prediction of a “family tree” animal kingdom from the idea of God?

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