• What Is TTMYT?

    What is our true origin? What is the origin of earth? What about other galaxy’s? What is fact and what is theory? How can one be expected to sort through all of the information? Do we have all the information?

    It’s almost impossible for most to figure out what is fact, opinion, and theory. When you look for answers and turn to religion, you can easily say, “God did it!” or “Why God why?”  These phrases can clarify almost anything you can imagine, ponder, or need to explain if you hold God as the ultimate being. What if you don’t? Where do you turn? …Science… Unfortunately for most, science is very complex. General concepts can easily be grasped, but scientists are not spending time explaining complex ideas and facts to the general public.

    Thoughts That Make You Think (TTMYT) explores facts, theories, and other information and creates posts and articles for everyone. TTMYT is your Dummies Guide to any and all information related to our origins and related information. We are not for or against any one, any group, or any idea. We are presenting facts, opinions, and the theories of everyone. Some of the topics will be well known and others may be new. We will also propose our own ideas for you to discuss.

    As a final note…

    Everything will be in plain English. Our goal is to get information across simply and not to confuse you with what we are discussing. If possible, we will state the source of information presented and you can spend time researching further. We will not be using any “BIG” words or terms that need another page just to explain what the term means. Feel free to decide, discuss, submit, and debate everything!

    Think. Share. Think Again.